Short Stories

“The Deathless Lovers,” The New Yorker, July 10, 1965
“Beyond the Bedroom Wall,” The New Yorker, Mar 5, 1966
“Near the Straits of Mackinac,” The New Yorker, April 9, ‘66
“The Brothers,” The New Yorker, May 21, ‘66
“The Visitation,” The New Yorker, Sept 10, ‘66
“On This Day,” The New Yorker, Sept 9, ‘66
“The History Lesson,” The New Yorker, Sept 30, 1967
“Pheasants,” The New Yorker, Nov 18, ‘67
“An Old Man,” The New Yorker, April 20, 1968
“The Long Trip,” The New Yorker, July 13, ‘68
“The Boy,” The New Yorker, Aug 31, ‘68
“The Horses,” The New Yorker, Dec 28, ‘68
“What Can Blow The Wind Away,” Mademoiselle, Jan, 1969
“Don’t You Wish You Were Dead,” New American Review, Aug, ‘69
“The Contest,” The New Yorker, Nov 10, ‘69
“The Suitor,” McCall’s, Jan, 1970, BEST AMERICAN SHORT STORIES, 1971
“The Beginning of Grief,” The New Yorker, Oct 17, ‘70
“Burning the Couch,” Atlantic Monthly, Nov, ‘70
“Pneumonia, 1945,” The New Yorker, Feb 13, 1971
“The Old Halvorson Place,” The New Yorker, May 8, ‘71
“Marie,” The New Yorker, Dec 25, ‘71
“Fathers & Sons,” Works in Progress #5, 1972
“The Plumber’s Son,” Audience, Jul/Aug, ‘72
“Owen’s Father,” Partisan Review, Dec, ‘72
“Burial,” The New Yorker, Nov 19, 1973
“The Street,” The New Yorker, June 3, 1974
“The Cold in North Dakota,” North Dakota English, Jan, 1977
“Change,” The New Yorker, Dec 8, 1980, BEST AMERICAN SHORT STORIES, 1981
“Poppa John’s Place,” North Dakota History, fall, 1982
“Firstborn,” The New Yorker, Nov 22, 1982, BEST AMERICAN SHORT STORIES, 1983
“Sleeping Over,” Antaeus, Winter-Spring, 1983
“Dispositions,” Northern Lights, spring, 1984
“Evidence,” Antaeus, spring, ‘84
“Wanting an Orange,” Paris Review, winter, ‘84
“Ode to an Orange,” Harpers, Jan. 1986
“Blindness,” Antioch Review, summer, 1986
“She,” Gentleman’s Quarterly, March, 1987
“Alpha,” The New Yorker, Oct 28, ‘87
“Inheritance,” Harpers, (Spring/NA), 1988
“Confessionals,” Image, spring, 1989
“A Brief Fall,” The New Yorker, Dec 4, ‘89
“Storms of Summer,” Paris Review, spring, 1990
*“Silent Passengers,” The New Yorker, May 11, l992, BEST AMERICAN SHORT STORIES, 1993
“Summer Storms,” Harpers, August, 1993

Foreign Appearance of Short Stories

“The Deathless Lovers,” (Vechnaya Lyubof), Amerika, USSR, 1966
“The Deathless Lovers,” (Niesmiertelna Milosc), Ameryka, Poland, 1966
“The Deathless Lovers,” Pregled, Yugoslavia, 1966
“The Brothers,” Argosy, London, 1966
“Pheasants,” (“Het Web Van Eenzaamheid”), Katolike Illustrate, Netherlands, 1968
“The Beginning of Grief,” Ameryka, Poland, 1971
“A Visitation,” Amerika, USSR, 1981



Creative Non-fiction, Commentary, Reviews and Essays:

“Everybody Knows and Nobody Cares,” by Mason Smith, review of, The New York Times Book Review, Feb. 21, 1971

“The World of Apples,” by John Cheever, review of, The New York Times Book Review (front page), May 20, 1973

“Guns,” Esquire, December, 1975

“New Burlington: Life and Death of an American Village,” by John Baskin, review of, NYTBR, June 20, 1976

“Memory Misremembers,” Op-Ed Page, The New York Times, July 31, 1976

“I Would Have Saved Them If I Could,” by Leonard Michaels, review of, Partisan Review, Vol XLIV, No 1, 1977

“The Land Remembers,” by Ben Logan, review of, Journal of Wisconsin State Historical Society, Vol 60, No 3, ‘77

“An Interview With Larry Woiwode,” Christianity & Literature, Vol XXIX, No 1, privately printed, Kasdorf, Madison, WI, Dec, 1979

“Maxwell: Spotlighting a Master,” literary commentary, Chicago Tribune Book World, Apr-May (date N.A.), 1980

“The Source of Light,” by Reynolds Price, review of,  Washington Post Book World, Apr 26, 1981

“Will’s Boy,” by Wright Morris, review of, Washington Post Book World, July 19, 1981

“Recollected Essays: 1965-1980” & “The Gift of Good Land,” by Wendell Berry, review of, Washington Post Book World, Jan 31, 1981

“One Way To Spell Man,” by Wallace Stegner, review of, Washington Post Book World, April (date N.A), 1982

“Views of Wendell Berry,” North Dakota History, Vol 49, No 3, Summer, 1982

“Mickelsson’s Ghosts,” by John Gardner, review of, Chicago Tribune Book World, June 13, 1982

“Under the Blue Sky of North Dakota,” The New York Times, Travel Section, October 23, 1983

“Mickelsson’s Ghosts: Gardner’s Memorial in Real Time,” MSS, Vol 4, Nos 1 & 2, Fall, 1984

“Placing Poppa John,” Motif, Spring, 1985

“Wild Things,” Art and Antiques, June, 1987

“Against The Grain: Grant Wood’s America,” Art & Antiques, January, 1989

“The It Beyond It,” Special Report, Aug-Oct, 1990

“Memory Misremembers,” Gulf Coast, Vol 4, No 1, (A Tribute to Donald Barthleme), Spring, 1991

“North Dakota: Still the Frontier,” The Sophisticated Traveler: The New York Times Magazine, Oct 20, 1991

“Homeplace, Heaven or Hell, Renascence, Vol XLIV, No 1, ‘91

“Television: The Cyclops That Eats Books,” Imprimus, Feb, 1992

“Politics in American Letters,” Chronicles, Aug, 1992

“The Geography of Literature,” The World & I, Oct, 1992

“Updike’s Sheltered Self,” The World & I, Dec, 1992

“Memories of the Ford Years,” by John Updike, review of, The World & I, Dec, 1992

“The Rest of Life,” by Mary Gordon, review of, USA Today, August 20, 1993

“Working Men,” by Michael Dorris, review of, Philadelphia Inquirer, Nov --, 1993

“Of The Modern Era,” North Dakota History, Vol 61, No 1, Winter, 1994

“Teaching the Fourth ‘R’,” Civilization: a publication of the Library of Congress, May/June, 1995

“The Acts Leading to Acts,” Radix, Vol 23, No 3, 1995

“Resurrected Light,” essay-review, John Gardner’s “On Writers & Writing” Books & Culture, Sept/Oct, 1995

“Troubadours from the North,” North Dakota History, Vol 62, No 3, Summer, 1995

“Not Fading to Nothing,” essay-review, Nabokov’s “Collected Stories” and two-volume biography,“The Russian Years” and “The American Years,” B&C, Nov/Dec 1995

“A Martyr Who Lives,” essay on the assassination of Russian priest, A. Menn, Books & Culture, March/April, 1996

“When Christmas Dies,” review-essay, “Mr. Ives’ Christmas,” by Oscar Hijuelos, B&C, May/June, 1996

“The Word Made Fresh,” review of Three Gospels, by Reynolds Price, Washington Post Book World, May 5, 1996

“Updike’s Melancholy Hymn,” review-essay, “In The Beauty Of The Lilies,” Books & Culture, July/Aug, 1996

“A Boccaccio in North Dakota,” review-essay, “Tales of Burning Love,” by Louise Erdrich, B&C, Sept/Oct, 1996

“Inclinations of the Heart,” review-essay, “Mason’s Retreat,” by Christopher Tilghman, B&C, Nov/Dec, 1996

“The Sides to a Story,” commentary, F. Scott Fitzgerald at 100: Centenary Tribute by American Writers, Quill & Brush, limited edition, Rockville, MD, 1996

“The Maxwell-O’Connor Letters,” essay, B&C, Mar/Apr, 1997

“How Tolstoy Became Tolstoy,” review-essay, “The Genesis of War & Peace,” B&C, May/June, 1997

“Telling America its Nightmares,” review-essay, “Bear and His Daughter,” by Robert Stone, B&C, Nov/Dec, 1997

“A Fifty-Year Walk,” (memoir excerpt) B&C Nov/Dec, 1998

“The Word Made Flesh,” (on metaphor) B&C, Jul/Aug, 1999

“Introduction,” The Best Christian Writing 2001, HarperSF

“Letter from Western North Dakota” [Poet Laureate], NDSUMagazine, Spring 2002

“Letter from an Imaginary Friend: An Homage to Tom McGrath [Poet Laureate], NDSU Magazine, Spring 2003

“The Ethics of Writing,” World Journalism Institute, print of speech at Algonquin Hotel, NYC, June 27, 2003

“The Faith of Shakespeare,” essay, B&C, Sept/Oct 2004

“The Poetry Home Repair Manual,” by Ted Kooser, review of, North Dakota Quarterly, Fall, 2005

“Introduction,” More Like Not Running Away, novel by Paul Shepherd, Sarabande Books, 2005

[twenty definitions of American landscape], Home Ground, ed. Barry Lopez, Trinity University Press, 2006

“Sleeplessness, Winter Care, Bio,” State Poets Laureate, 2008, ed. Mary Margaret Carlisle, Poetry Society of Texas, 2008

“Introduction to photographs of Alec Soth,” CommonBond, St. Paul, 2008

“The Place of Memory,” [Poet Laureate] NDSU Magazine, 2009



Anthologizations, Texts, etc:

“The Brothers,” Choice Magazine Listening, 1966

“The Contest,” Readings in Developmental Psychology, Dryden Press, 1971

“Don’t You Wish You Were Dead,” In the Presence of This Continent: American Themes and Ideas, A College Reader, ed. Baylor & Moore, Holt, Rinehart, 1971

“The Beginning of Grief,” Choice Magazine Listening, New York, 1971

“A Deserted Barn” and “The Beginning of Grief,” Here and Now II, Harcourt, Brace, 1972

“The Beginning of Grief,” (Title N.A.), McDougal/Little & Co., 1974

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“Guns,” Mom, The Flag, & Apple Pie: A Bicentennial Salute, Ed. Staff of Esquire, Doubleday, New York, 1976

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“Summer Storms,” (orig. essay), Summer, ed. Alice Gordon, Addison-Wesley, New York, 1990

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“Learning To Walk,” Aluminum Canoe, Spring, 1995

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“Ex: What I’m Going To Do, I Think,” FIFTY YEARS: A Farrar, Straus & Giroux Reader, ed. Alan Williams, FS&G, 1996

“What I Value...,” Calling The Midwest Home, ed. Carolyn Lieberg, Wildcat Canyon Press, Berkeley, 1996

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“The Place of Memory,” On Second Thought, ND Humanities Council, Winter 2010

“The Wealth of the West,” The Manner of the Country, ed. Stegner and Rowland, Univ of Texas Press, 2010

Papers Delivered

A Selection:

“Spirit of Place,” Caxton Club, Knox College, March, 1979

“Working In Metaphor,” Conference, The Truth of Metaphor, Wheaton College, October, 1982

“Homeplace: Heaven or Hell,” Conference, Christianity & Literature, Orange City, Iowa, 1983

“A Step From Death,” Syracuse University, March, 1984

“The Spirit of Place,” annual convention, South Dakota Humanists, Northern State University, Aberdeen, Sept, 1984

“A Humanist Education,” Gordon College, Wenham, Mass, Dec, 1987

“Communion or Community,” first annual Stanley Wiersma Memorial Lecture in Literature, Calvin College, April, 1990

“The Cyclops That Eats Books,” Hillsdale College, Center for Constructive Alternatives, “Freedom, Responsibility & the American Literary Tradition,” Feb, 1991

“The Book That Eats The Cyclops,” Hillsdale College, Center for Constructive Alternatives, “Ancient Myth: Timeless Truths for a Modern World,” Sept, 1992

“The State Of Indian Affairs,” Canada tour, under US State Dept., at Universities of Ottawa, Toronto, Alberta, Manitoba, McGill, the National Library; CBC, Chez Radio, etc. Oct-Nov, 1992

“Looking Ahead to Home,” conference sponsored by Image and the Graduate Theological Union, Berkeley, CA, Nov, 1992

“The Dakotan,” Dakota Arts Congress, Aberdeen, SD, Oct, 1993

“The Modern Era,” Keynote Address, State Historical Society of North Dakota, Annual Meeting, Nov, 5, 1993

“Metaphors for the Cosmos,” Plenary Address, C. S. Lewis Summer Seminars, Cambridge, 1995

“Autobiography & Fiction,” conference, Beyond this Weight is a Boundlessness: Identity & the Sacred, with Carolyn Forché, Milton Center, Newman University, Wichita, Feb, 2000

“Walking the Waterfall,” Opening Convocation, Jamestown College, August, 2000

“Country Mouse/City Rat: Views of Place in American Writing,” American Studies Association of Norway, Bø, Sept 2000

“A New Dakota Address,” Annual Regional Studies Lecture, Beckwith Auditorium, NDSU, Fargo, Oct 4, 2004

“The Legacy of Thomas McGrath,” West River Writer’s Circle, Dickinson State University, with Robert Bly, etc., 2007

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