Course Information

Clinical Experience IV (PT 884)

Term: 2020-2021 - SPRING


This Internship is 16 weeks and options include completing the Internship in one practice setting or dividing it
between two different practice settings with course numbers PT 884a and PT 884b. By completion of this
Internship, the student will have had a variety of learning experiences providing exposure to comprehensive
care of patients/clients across the life span and exposure to a wide variety of diagnoses. At successful
completion of this Internship, the student will be able to perform at the entry-level physical therapist role in all
components of professional practice and patient/client management (safety, professional behavior,
accountability, communication, cultural competence, professional development, clinical reasoning,
screening, examination, evaluation, diagnosis and prognosis, plan of care, procedural and educational
interventions, documentation, outcomes assessment, financial resource management, and management of
support personnel).