Here is the blank, unformatted Indesign template from the head pre-press technician at Davon in West Fargo. I'm posting it here for safekeeping, as all of the templates from last year disappeared over the summer.

Later, we will also post formatted templates for all pages. So check back soon, if you're looking for templates-you-can-use.

(.indd, 860K)

A Brief Intro

The University of Jamestown's Student Media Center is a hub for students looking to gain friendship, leadership skills, and real-world experience in all aspects of media production: print, web, radio, tv, marketing, advertising. We are proud to be a student-led organization. Join us!

  • Core Content Team meets every Wednesday at 9 p.m. in the SMC (basement of the library - use the north door). Everyone welcome!

SMC Advising Team

Print & Web Publications – Nikki Laine Zinke

Business & Advertising Sales - Debi Piscitiello

Graphic Design & Technical Support – Mary Reed and Don Heier

Electronic Media/Compliance & Licensing – Dana Creasy