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Civil War & Reconstruction (HIST 303)

Term: 2020-2021 - FALL


Andrea M Twedt


I was born and raised in Moorhead, MN. I left the Midwest to enjoy the sunshine in Phoenix, AZ for 12 years. I miss the AZ winters; I am not a big fan of the cold. However, most of my family lives in the Midwest, so family comes over weather. 😊  

I have a daughter, Kelsey, who works at Microsoft. A son, Jonah, who attends North Dakota State University. Most importantly, I have three beautiful grandchildren: Tatum – 8, Trystynn – 6, and Toni – 5. I am very blessed to have them living in Fargo. They have Nana's heart!

I recently got married to an amazing man. Not only did I gain a husband, but also two wonderful adult children, Ryan and Cassandra. 

I am a big sports fan! I am a die-hard Vikings fan. I also enjoy watching basketball, especially March Madness. I do not have the skill set to play these sports, but I do like to exercise often. During my free time in the summer, I like to be at the lake. In the winter, I like to travel anywhere warm.

I’ve been teaching communication in the classroom since 2003 and online since 2004. I love teaching and getting to know the students.

Along with teaching, I am the Director of Online Undergraduate Programs at UJ.

I look forward to getting to know you.



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An examination of the sectional controversy, the Antebellum South and slavery, the failure of the political system to resolve peacefully the conflict between the North and South, the conduct of the War, and the nature of Reconstruction.