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UJ Foundations (JOUR 101)

Term: 2020-2021 - FALL


Kathleen Schnaars

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I was born in Brooklyn, NY and loved escaping to my brother’s dairy farm in the northern Adirondacks. I was excited when an opportunity to move to North Dakota presented itself.

As a field ecologist, I have broad interests in birds, plants and insects. I conduct research on the recovery of habitat, severely degraded by destructive snow goose foraging and I oversee the Hudson Bay Project recovery ecology program. I am also interested in declines in aerial insectivores and their population trends, behavior and niche requirements, at and beyond the published range. I am currently examining this by providing and monitoring artificial nest boxes to tree swallows north of tree line and monitoring insect population trends through the breeding season. I have involved students from the US and Canada in my research projects. I also involve the local communities in Churchill, Manitoba and Jamestown, ND, in the projects as citizen scientists.

I am a member of the National Wildlife Society, ND Chapter of The Wildlife Society, North American Arctic Goose Venture, Beta-Beta-Beta Honor Society, Entomological Society of America and advisor to the UJ Student Chapter of the Wildlife Society. I am a Primary Investigator with The Hudson Bay Project and I conduct research each summer in Churchill, Manitoba. I have brought student researchers every summer to participate in the exciting investigations of the Hudson Bay Project. Let me know if you want to join me!

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Wed, 11:00 AM - 11:50 AM (8/24/2020 - 12/17/2020) Location: MAIN LSC B


UJ Foundations is a one-credit course designed especially for first-year students to help them make a successful adjustment to college and to provide time for personal reflection and planning for their educational journey. Students in UJ Foundations are give opportunity to "look inward" in order to discover and confirm their own talents, strengths, and goals, and to develop their sense of vocation. Students will explore their personal strengths through StrengthsQuest, the nationally recognized strengths inventory, as well as navbigate FOCUS, an online career research tool UJ Foundations classes are designed to encourage class discussion and participation. Through class activities and assignments, students in UJ Foundations will also become acquainted with the many opportunities at University of Jamestown. They will attend a city-wide block party, become prepared to use the equipment at the Foss Wellness Center, review research skills in the Raugust Library, participate in the annual le