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Nursing Leadership/Management (NRSG 426)

Term: 2022-2023 - SPRING


Wendy Lynn Hager

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Tuesday 8:30am - 1:30pm 

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A little something about me:  I have been a nurse for over 15 years and in the healthcare field for over 20 years.  I am enamored with the field of nursing, have been since I can remember.  I love that, as a nurse, one is positioned to have such a profound impact in the lives of humans and in healthcare delivery as a whole.  I am particularly passionate about improvement and leadership.  My husband and I have three children and one cute pup.  We live in Jamestown, North Dakota.  My favorite things (outside of nursing and family) are reading, gardening, and learning.

I have the benefit of experiencing quite a bit of online learning throughout my adult life.  I know how valuable your time is.  As such, it is important to me that the courses you take are worth your time, so please bring your feedback so that we can make improvements. 


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This course focuses on the development of the student in the role of a beginning nurse leader of a clinical practice discipline. The purpose is to provide the nursing student with the basic concepts and theories needed for nursing management and the crucial components of nursing leadership. The content is focused on skills that nurses need to manage care for groups of patients, manage care within the changing health care environments, manage resources for care, delegate and supervise the work of other licensed and unlicensed assistive personnel, and coordinate care with other health care disciplines. The purpose of the clinical experience is to provide the nursing student with application of skills that support the basic concepts and theories needed for effective management of client care. Prerequisites: Nrsg 424; Nrsg 425; Nrsg 497. Offered: Spring