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This is the info presented at a Fall Faculty Workshop. It gives some history, and some background, so you can see there is a method to the madness of the IRB. It also goes through when IRB approval is required, as this is a common question. in short, its best to email me (Sara Voorhees, and double check, when in doubt. The IRB process is really designed for research projects and research studies, and is not intended to interfere with market surveys (usually anyway), journalism work, and that sort of thing. 


Handout is also attached. 

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Please submit IRB forms as individually as digitally signed PDF documents, to preserve digital signature information attached to original signature. Physical signatures and scanned forms will no longer be accepted after July 19th, 2018 secondary to changes in Congressional Regulations for the Institutional Review Board.


Sara Voorhees, PT, PhD

Institutional Review Board Chair.

updated July 2022. This universal form can be used for new or renewal applications, and it can be used for faculty, staff, or students. 

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Policies and Procedures